Giving research feedback to children: beyond ready-made recipes and asymmetric relationships


les 5 et 6 juin 2023
séminaire 10 (bâtiment B31, 3/101)
Place des Orateurs, 3
4000 Liège

Workshop du réseau “Anthropology of Children and Youth” (ACYNet) de l’EASA au croisement de l’anthropologie et des arts suivi d’une exposition.

Bringing together social scientists who do fieldwork with children or young people and wish to renew the methodology and the sense of their feedback of research results, we aim at working in a collaborative and innovative way by cross-cutting fields and disciplines (specifically, anthropology and art). Methodological publications usually include ready-made tools. While they make it possible to avoid the worst, they often do not consider the overall social and cultural context in which children live; they may also be adults-centered and based on stereotypical representations of childhood.

This workshop based on previous activities and publications ( addresses questions such as: can research be “returned” to the children and young people with whom the anthropologist has worked as well as to children in general, and what are the form and purpose of the feedback? Can an epistemologically justified and ethically founded feedback make it possible to overcome asymmetric and dichotomic relationships? During a day and a half, participants will exchange in order to help each other to elaborate a visual or performance-based feedback of their research grounded in the daily life of children and youth, their communication codes and potential expectations.

The opening conference and the exhibition that will be held at the end of the workshop, and then digitally shown, are open to the public. 

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