4-year PhD Position in Social Sciences


Within the framework of the project Human-Animal Collectives Assisting the Biosphere (HACAB), the Institute for Social Sciences Research is looking for a PhD student to join an interdisciplinary research team. To begin October 1st,2023.

The project asks if it is possible, in these times of global warming, to contribute to build political collectives of all subaltern beings who are the first victims of climate change. In the Capitalocene, the long-term survival of many species is under threat (Moore 2016, Haraway 2016). Those who are already suffering from global warming and the rising cost of raw materials are those whom modernity has tended to subalternize and reduce to the status of 'productive resources': racialized people, women and working poor, as well as animals, plants and ecosystems (Charbonnier, 2020). While subaltern human critics (working class at the crossroad of the 19th and 20th century; women and racial minorities in the 20th century) found ways to take part in public debates because they could rely on a common language to communicate, these critical perspectives didn’t really consider how modernity affected non-human subaltern individuals and groups, such as animals (Latour 2015, Vasseghi 2022, Frère & Laville 2022). The present project takes on the challenge to ask if it is possible to establish a joint inter-species voice in order to draw the outlines of a political and ecological collective able to hold a project shared in common in the public space (Stengers 2009). 

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Crédit photo : Ludovic Sueur/Refuge Groin-Groin

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