Multispecies Ethnography and Artistic Methods

MEAM CONFERENCE 2023 (hybrid)


Monday July 3 and Tuesday July 4
University of Liège - Building L3 and L5
rue des Pitteurs, 20
4020 Liège
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Two days of explorative talks, artistic performances and an art exhibition where entanglements of ethnographic research and art. Keynote speakers : Olivia Ange (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Sophie Chao (University of Sydney).

Multispecies ethnography is expanding across a range of different fields, both in research and education, engaging a vast array of analytical frameworks. Regardless of what species or combination of species of animals, plants and fungi as well as water, earth and inorganic entities that ethnographers work with, we are brought together in a series of diverse yet overlapping methodological issues. The opportunities and challenges of multispecies ethnography shape the research design not only in questions of data collection, but also in what analytical frameworks are operationalized throughout the research process, including how the processes of data analysis and writing emerge. Multispecies ethnographers increasingly engage in creative and artistic methods, such as different expressions of creative writing, photo and film making as well as drawing, painting and poetry,
to capture relatings beyond the human. The entanglements of academia and art in different kinds of collaborations and interdisciplinary endeavors are exploding and there are ample opportunities for crosspollination between multispecies ethnography and the feminist scholarship tradition of using creative methods to further othered perspectives.

With the massive and worldwide interest generated by the online MEAM workshop in 2020, the newly established MEAM network now hosts a hybrid conference, taking place in Liège, Belgium and online.

The exhibition of Artistic Methods Pieces will only be accessible to the Liège participants, as will the in-between mingling, and social soirée. The Special Session on Artful Publishing in Academia is designed for those engaged in this conversation from last years MEAM workshop and thus accessible by invite only.


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You can join us by bus :
Number 4 or 138 from Guillemins station (stop - Rue des Pitteurs)
Number 13 from city centre/Gare Leopold (stop - Place Delcour)
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What does MEAM stand for ?

The Multispecies Ethnography and Artistic Methods (MEAM) Network are for all scholars and artists working with research on multispecies and more-than-human relations through ethnographic and artistic methodologies. The network is a diverse group from a range of disciplines, countries and backgrounds who come together to share their overlapping interests and to explore and discover new avenues and collaborations.


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